This is an image from our old type I Barn Door tracker (from 1999), a wooden wedge designed for the barn door
tracker (1999) and a wooden tripod that we use for various small telescopes and barn doors.
The object is to align the hinge of the tracker with Polaris, mount your camera, start a long exposure image and turn the dial at 1RPM to track the skies. Hopefully you would get much less star trailing and better images because of it.
Since we haven’t used this in over 5 years, probably closer to 8 or 9, I thought it might be a blast from the past to try it out with our new generation of consumer digital cameras, instead of the old slide film based cameras that again, we haven’t used in a decade.

This is the wooden wedge, adjustable for a large range of latitudes, especially designed to mount our type I barn door tracker. There is a ledge on the bottom and the tracker is held in with a large strip of velcro.

And this is the type 1 Barn Door Tracker, fully adjustable and pretty sturdy, mounted on the wedge, mounted on the tripod.