The allsky camera workstation has been removed from service and a new replacement system is being setup using a laptop.
The old workstation was an AMD Athlon XP 2500+ running at 1.83GHz
with 768mb ddr RAM and a 80gb IDE drive and a dvdr-cdrw
The motherboard was ASUS A7V8X-X (2003Jan) with 6xUSB2, AGP8x128mbASUSV5700 vid, 100mbps nic,aud onboard;

The replacement is a Toshiba Satellite Pro laptop is an Intel P4M 1.8GHz 512mb and 30gb dvdrom .
Both are running Windows XP Pro.

*update 2011 January 03*
About 3 hours of work were required to get the camera drivers and software installed, then configured, then getting all of the other infrastructure up and running. But as of this morning it looks like it is running ok. The 24vdc heaters seem not to be doing too much however so that will have to be checked later today.