The original 7 year old laptop suffered a complete hard drive failure some days back and we have just acquired another, slightly newer laptop, only 6 years old :).. hmm 7 years old now.
The older one was not worth trying to get a replacement drive as it was quite old and slow in any event.
The new one will go through much the same setup process as the last and should be up and operational within a day or two.

*update* Thursday 2011 Jan 13
The allsky2 laptop was put out in the observatory last night, sitting on a styrofoam pad with its power brick and wrapped up in a plastic bag for now, to help keep some of the heat inside.
The run went well overnight with automatic program and camera shutdown working as well.
The image quality seems to have an issue, duller and a lot more gray.
The anti-blooming function of the camera was turned on “low”. We switched this to “off” this morning and will see its results tonight.

The outdoor temperature went down to -23C and the peltier cooled camera went down to -45C.