The space shuttle discovery is currently docked with the International Space Station and has been passing overhead our area for the last few days. Coming up soon will be a very good pass, high in the sky.

A very good website called Heavens Above will generate predictions for you:

Saturday March 05
Mag -3.5
Start pass 19:37:30 10 NW
Midpoint Pass 19:40:12 66 N
End pass 19:40:12 66 N

This says to go outside early, maybe 19:35 EST and look to the Northwest. At 19:37 you may notice the ISS/shuttle about 10 degrees off the horizon. Just over two minutes later it will be at its maximum altitude of 66 degrees in the north.
And then the pass ends immediately, as the ISS/shuttle disappear into the earths shadow.

Here is a starchart generated by Heavens above.

Other good passes in the next few days are:
7 Mar -3.7
18:53:44 10 WNW
18:56:40 78 NNE
18:58:47 17 ESE
9 Mar -3.6
18:09:43 10 WNW
18:12:39 85 NNE
18:15:34 10 ESE