Was anyone observing outside after midnight early Sunday morning?
The reason I ask is that our allsky camera caught an anomaly, that if it were a meteor, was spectacular.
Below are three images, before, during and after the anomaly.

It does appear close to our chimney and we did have a fire going last night that normally produces a much smaller smoke plume than this. Perhaps it was lit up by passing car headlights.

The image itself is a 120 second exposure ending at 00:48:21 on 2011-april-10
Offhand it looks like it has the characteristics of a fireball moving east to west, starting small and growing larger over time.

One of the problems with this time lapse integration method is that you never know if you actually got the start or end of the event. Sometime in the future we will move to a better low light camera system with GPS time annotations like these

There have been many other eyewitness reports of the fireball event early this morning