So, we continued to get strange error messages from the radiojove skypipe installation and thought that it was network file related.
We switched skypipe over to save data locally to it’s small 30gb laptop drive and it seems to have worked. No errors windows popping up since the switch. Of course there are always side effects.
The first was that the data was on an old laptop hard drive and we needed to get it onto the file server so it would be backed up and protected.

A small script copies over any new file or folder & file in the data area up to the file server and it runs once an hour.
Now it appears that some of the images sent up to the website are not transferring properly. That will take some troubleshooting to see why it no longer works.

We did manage to get another confirmation that the system as a whole was working, and that was from a one minute solar burst that was posted to the radiojove email list that upon examination, our system also detected! Yay!

Another issue is to automate the archiving of the data and the images;
what sampling rate to use (we are at 1/second right now);
what generated images to save (ie the 24hour only or those and the 30 minute snapshots)