just a short note to point out that a couple of pieces of software that we use have been updated recently.

The first is the BOINC, moving up to v6.12.34 for windows and linux. BOINC lets you contribute computing power on your home PC to projects doing research in many scientific areas. We have been using the software to work with the setiathome project since 1999 August 13th. We run two accounts, one from home and one from work.
The home account has achieved:
Total credit 1,428,665
Recent average credit 559.65
SETI@home classic workunits 12,167
SETI@home classic CPU time 108,615 hours

The work account has achieved:
Total credit 3,196,766
Recent average credit 4,311.45
SETI@home classic workunits 48,425
SETI@home classic CPU time 443,950 hours

The other is a data logging program called radio skypipe v2.3.19. We use it to record data from the FM Meteor detection system and the radiojove radio telescope.