The Kingston Astronomy Outreach Network (KAON) held an open house/public observing session last night at the Queen’s University Ellis Hall Observatory.

It’s always a good night when you are on your way home with a glow … We had fun last night and that is what keeps us coming back month after month.
At the KAON session there were approx 60 people at the lecture (07:35-08:30) and another 10 up on the deck for a grand total of 70 folks.
Out on the deck were two grad students, and nathalie up in the dome.
Susan Kim and Hank had other scopes out and I did a lot of Walmart style greeting at the deck entrance along with Paul and Rose-Marie who stuck around to chat people up. It was cold! but not cold?
-13 or -15 but little wind for a change and once you acclimatized it was not bad at all.

We had the fitzgerald out, the 20cm mainstay telescope. Last night was a three planet night. Venus low in the west, Jupiter high overhead, and Mars was up high enough to clear the fence by 20:30pm. Had we thought to look a little earlier, we would have caught Uranus as well, now about 2 degrees away from Venus (already! remember it was only 20 minutes away on Thursday night).
We passed out a lot of the new RASC moon gazer guides as well as other moon related material that we have generated in the past.