We held the March Kingston Astronomy Outreach Network (KAON) session with the Queens Observatory Open house Saturday night from 7:30-9:00pm EST.
Dr. Kristine Spekkens (Royal Military College) gave the 7:35-8:15 talk on “Cold Astronomy” to a crowd of 50-60 people. Some missed the talk and were out on the deck with us under intermittent and ever changing cloud cover.

Doug Angle ran the Fitzgerald telescope and Terry Bridges ran the
Queen’s 8″ LX200 in manual mode. Nathalie opened up the dome for small
group tours up there as well.

We had lots of great discussions with a lot of interested people and
should see a few more attend our April Royal Astronomical Society of Canada – Kingston Centre (RASC-KC) meeting.

Targets of opportunity were: Venus, Jupiter, Mars, M42 in Orion.
The cloud cover was nasty at times. Before 7:30 we actually put the
scopes away as we were expecting total cloud out, but then it cleared.
It was cold.. maybe -5 with a good wind.

With great expectations of clearing after we got home to do some
observing.. it turned out to be too long of a day. Even forgot that
whole changing the clocks thing.
We passed out over 40 Moon Gazer Guides.

Thanks to all!