We were out in the evening of Saturday August 11th, 2012 but only got in about 90 minutes of viewing from 21:30 to 23:00 before the clouds rolled in. Kim picked up quite a few observations.

“In an hour we were averaging around 20 Perseids. Many were fast, but quite a few were med slow, bright, with 25 degree trains.
One in particular was a -5 white-yellow, and a 30 degree tail.

Many satellites were seen, some iridiums, some flashers and the ISS was passing over around 10:21 pm for a very long pass. -1-1 started at 22:19 and lasted until 22:25 pm”.

We packed it in and left the rest of the night to the allsky cameras. At 02:00 local both cameras picked up the most spectacular meteor:

Allsk1 camera, 90 second exposure ending 02:02:10 EDT

Allsky2 camera combined exposures ending at 06:00:42UT = 02:00:42 EDT.

To Top it off is the spectacular part… the video:
ev_20120812_060042A_10A (2mb .AVI)