I was outside taking some images with our old Canon Powershot A540 camera on a tripod, testing out its new CHDK software, and saw a wonderfully slow, bright, yellow/orange meteor go across the sky NNW from near Vega to near the Big Dipper. The time was 03:32:32 UT on 2012 Sept 09 (or 23:32:32 EDT 2012 Sept 08).
It changed brightness a few times in the 2-3 second pass, and at the end broke up into many pieces.

It was extraspecial neat because this morning I see we caught it on the allsky2 camera.
Allsky1 (the 90 second exposure system) did not catch it. It must have happened during the 10 second image download time when the system is not actively exposing. But the allsky2 did catch it.

Slow moving yellow-orange meteor, with changing brightness and a breakup at the end, captured by allsky camera and seen visually.

And here is the video of the event: 2mb .avi