We built this portable observing table 12? years back and it has been working wonderfully. Now we find ourselves needing a 2nd one so we had to look closely at the design to replicate it and perhaps improve on it.

The new one would have a removable top, foldup legs, that was clear.
Maybe a little taller. And a shelf. On the original, dew would drop right onto any material left out. I typically left out my hardcover logbook and that was not good. So a shelf underneath to hold paper not in immediate use was the new addition.
So we started by building the leg sections, using the old table as a worktable 🙂

We barely got it completed before the Fall’N’Stars star party, only able to get a single coat of exterior diamond finish varathane on it.

The table is russian birch plywood, making it heavier than the original, but that is helpful in preventing it from blowing over in the wind.
Some images of the final table will be taken and posted, after more varathaning and some other minor tweaks added.