Over the last couple of months, the allsky2 camera dome has been condensing on the inside. We’ve tried all kinds of things to eliminate or reduce it but nothing has been successful.
We have tried:
opening and drying it off with lint free kimwipes in the warmer daytime;
opening and drying it off in the cooler evening (different amounts of ambient outdoor humidity);
moving the heater thermostat from 20 deg C to 25 degC;
moving the thermostat from 20 to 15 deg C;
adding small amounts of dessicant;
adding large amounts of dessicant;
zip nada. cold nights, condensation.
So we took it down on Saturday December 15th in the morning and put up a newer system that was dropped off earlier in the week. The newer system has a new design for air movement and hopefully will eliminate the issue.
Unfortunately the system is not operational at this time. No image is coming out of the camera and we will have to do some troubleshooting with a multimeter the first chance we get in the daylight (it is up on the roof and why court unnecessary danger? in the dark?).