It’s almost here…Peter Jacksons’ vision of The Hobbit, based one of the classic Fantasy works of all time.
It comes out on Friday December 14th, is a little less than 3 hours long, and only part one of two.
Hmmm.. that may be a bit bloated, especially since the original book is smaller than any one of the three in the Lord of The Rings series.

Seems to be only in 3D at our local theatre, and this will also be our first 3D experience. Purchasing tickets online in advance is also a new experience. It was not a pleasant one.

Cineplex Odeon online ticketing runs afoul of every security feature I have running on firefox, especially NoScript. The sheer number of exceptions that needed to be added at evey click of the next button was ridiculous. At least 5 different attempts over two days were needed for things to finally get to the purchase confirmation screen. Then the funny part.

Your tickets will be mailed to you in a few minutes. Check your spam filter if they do not. No other recourse. 35 minutes later they did arrive in the inbox. Thunderbird did tag them as junk mail as well 🙂

OK. time to start getting excited. It was a *long* time ago that we saw the first 1977 animated version of The Hobbit … and it only went halfway through the book as well.