This is an image of Jupiter taken on 2013 Jan 10th around 18:03 EST.

According to Stellarium v0.11.4, Jupiter appeared to be 45.3 arc seconds large at this time
One of the questions we have had with this telescope system (20cm LX200gps f10 with a camera) was how big is the field of view?
So I took this image on the monitor and measured the size of Jupiter and the entire 640×480 pixel frame.
This is what came out:
Jupiter 1.75″/ 13″ frame @ 640 pixels = 86 pixels large in this image.

Plug in its apparent size of 45.3 arc seconds and the answer we get is the frame is 337 arc seconds wide. plug that into the 480 pixel height and we get 250 arcseconds.
So this image is 337×250 arcseconds. or /60 to get arcminutes
5.6 x 4.2 arcminutes.
As a comparison the Earth’s moon Luna is 30 arcminutes large.