Yesterdays linux fedora 16 to 17 upgrade did not complete so I didn’t get a chance to try out the next phase of the process, fedora 17 to 18, on that system.

So today was a good time to try out the process on my 6 year old laptop running Fedora 17.

login as root in a terminal and run the following commands:
yum update
(21packages updated)
shutdown -r now
reboot at 07:35;
yum install fedup
fedup-cli –network 18 –debuglog fedupdebug.log
download 1407 packages;
started installation 08:10
shutdown -r now
reboot at 08:40 into the GIMP fedup selection, starting install process
15 minutes later we are approx 50% of the way through.
done at 09:33 reboot into fedora 18.
120 minutes total. yum update.. uptodate.
all done! No issues!