The old Sudden Ionsopheric Disturbance system 1 (SID1) does not seem to have survived the transition from the old computer running windows NT2000 and having a physical COM1 port, to the newer system running Windows 7 with no COM1 port.

We had to add a serial-usb adapter configured for COM1 at 2400bps, 8N1.
The same software was installed, spectracyber I v3.2 with the same configuration. Over the last two weeks we have tried many different troubleshooting, from changing the com1 port virtual settings all the way up to 9600 bps, down to 1200bps, changing software from Spectracyber I to Spectracyber II, changing the permissions and compatibility under windows 7 on the program executables.

So it is shut down for now until we can figure out an alternative.