Great Big Sea.. Newfoundland’s premier band.. Eastern Canada’s premiere band…
Canada’s premier band? Could be. We certainly think so.
(Well at least in the top three or four 🙂
They came to Kingston for the ?10th? time, 4th time in the last 10 years or so, to a sold out crowd at the Kingston KROCK centre.
You may have heard in the news the asinine news that it will be renamed to the Rogers Krock centre. Ug. That is only more incentive not to go.
Back to the event… it’s their 20th anniversary tour and included over two full hours of song and fun. A lot of pop and folk classics and a few new ones and some very old ones that we had never heard before.
Alan Doyle, Bob Hallett, Séan McCann, Murray Foster, Darrell Power gave another great show… never been a bad one.. and their tour schedule is insane. They came from Kitchener Waterloo the day before, through the ice rain and into Montreal Saturday. The schedule through the end of the month is almost every day, with only a few two day intervals between shows.