Tonight, asteroid Palinurus (4832) will be occulting the star 2UCAC 34064331, magnitude 11.9.
It will occur at 02:45 UT on 2014 Nov 26th, which in our time zone (-5 UT) will be 21:45 EST Tuesday 2014 Nov 25th.

This image is from last night, 24 hours before the occultation, showing the constellation Orion low in the Southeast. You can see light pollution from the city of Kingston in that area as well.
Occult Watcher v3.7.0.5 tells us the star will be 23 degrees up, 103 degrees azimuth and the moon will not yet have risen.

The occultation will also occur low in the southeast. We will attempt to observe and record this event using a video camera hooked into a 20cm telescope with a GPS time inserter, digitized and recorded on a notebook computer.

The bad news is that we know we are outside the shadow path, but are still within the 1 sigma uncertainty limit. The estimated time is 21:45:31 +- 20 seconds with a maximum duration of 2.5 sec and a magnitude drop of 5.3 mags.
You can find out more details here:

Updated: 2014Nov26- cloud and snow early in the evening. a bit of clearing near the event but then sky covering overcast again. – no observations made.