One of the really nice things about digital imaging is that when you screw up, there is still a chance that you can fix things.

Back on the early morning of 2015 January 24th, there was a series of events on Jupiter, moon shadows and moon transits going across the surface.

I had turned on annotation of the date & time on the actual images for the entire event.
Later as it turned out, the stacking software would fixate both on the planet but also on the text of the date & time and the stacked images looked horrible:





The trick was to find some video editing software that could crop the top few lines of the frame to take the datetimestamp out. Kim found a great piece of software called PIPP (Planetary Imaging PreProcessor) . This not only took out the datetimestamp, but also followed and centered on Jupiter as well, greatly reducing the size of the resulting .AVI file and improving processing times when I opened up the file in autostakkert!

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