Our Internet Service Provider (ISP) has recently notified us that they have started using internet usage caps. Yay!
It gets better
They notified us halfway through the billing cycle. Surely that is an illegal practice.
Oh by the way, starting two weeks ago we are now charging for your use.
Needless to say we are not impressed.

What we have done is change our usage practice.
This may be noticed with the allsky1 system in particular.
We used to upload lossless .PNG format files and the resulting .AVI video of the nights images, plus an hourly update for those wanting to do what current sky conditions are in our area.
As of now, we are only uploading lossy .JPG files and creating the .AVI video on the server itself, rather than upload it.
Hourly updates have also been cancelled.
This should take daily usage from 100MB down to 36MB or monthly from 3GB to 1GB

There have been a few days of problems with the new software code needed, but I think it has been sorted out now.