Saturn 2015 April 14

Saturn 2015 April 14 x2barlow FL=4000mm

Saturn on the morning of Tuesday 2015 April 14th, about 04:00 EDT
20cm Meade LX200GPS (FL=2000mm) with a celestron x2 barlow (=FL=4000mm) and ZWO ASI 120MC camera.
744 frames of 35ms each over 60 seconds. The best 75% of the frames were used for this image.
transparency was average, seeing was poor. A storm had swept through a few hours earlier and the air was very humid at 2 deg C. The front corrector plate dewed over fairly quickly.

The image below is without the barlow, shorter exposures and 1330 frames in total, with 75% used to stack.


Saturn FL=2000mm

Bad focus and a poor image is directly related to the low altitude at transit (about 26 degrees up) and the bad seeing after the storm…. and maybe the dew on the front glass 🙂