After catching up on a little TV, waiting for the black flies to die down, and seeing Montreal was losing yet another hockey game, we went outside around 21:00 EDT and did a little observing and imaging of Jupiter.

The LX200GPS handcontroller continues to have issues. Barely a minute into operations it locked up requiring a power cycle and a 15 minute realignment. I am seriously looking at the StarPatch firmare upgrade this weekend.. 3rd party software that fixes a lot of issues and introduces some new features.

We did 7 imaging runs of 30 and 60 seconds over the course of 10 minutes. All turned out not too bad despite a low level of haze/high humidity.
Sometimes planetary imaging turns out a little better when that happens… better contrast ?

20cm scope F10, FL=2000mm, tracking not too bad. seeing average, still twilight
In any event here is the first image from 01:28UT a 30 second exposure showing the Great Red Spot clearly near the South Equatorial Band to the right side. There are some interesting features in the North Equatorial Belt as well.

This is the last image, taken some 10 minutes later.
The GRS has noticably moved. I have attempted to get some animated combinations but there is some glitch.
Would have loved to stay out all night but for pressing life needs… sleep needed for work today 🙁
Eventually will get a dusk to dawn time lapse every 5 or 10 minutes and put that together… will be awesome!