After 12 odd years, we decided it was time to renovate the SCG Observatory.
It had been going through constant minor modifications from year to year, but this time was the real thing.
First things first, all items were brought out onto the lawn. It was amazing at the quantity of items just stored inside and not actually used.

It is an 8’x10′ metal garden shed, and if you were at the May 14th RASC-KC meeting, you would have heard us not recommend this style of construction at all, ever. Never.
From snow blowing in between panels, and condensation on the underside of the roof, to being an RF faraday cage, making things like radios and syncronized clocks unworkable. Build out of wood! You will be much happier!

After all of the infrastructure was also removed, the first new item was a new, larger work surface (6′ wide x2′ deep).
Later we added shelves and cabinets above, and shelving bookcases below.

The new layout allows two people to work effectively inside whereas before we often got in each others way.


The original 48″x18″ work surface was kept and repurposed off to the other side.
All in all the start to finish time was 7 hours, during which the forecast sunny day turned out to be cloudy, rainy and even some hail fell in the afternoon.

We managed to “test drive” the new layout that night and it worked quite well.