This is an animated .GIF of the three processed images from this morning.

This morning saw poor seeing and poor-average transparency from about 05:20-05:45 EST whilst imaging the Giant Planet Jupiter.

I have a kendrick micro controller for the heaters but with only one control button to turn it on, program it etc.
Sometimes the command sequence does not work, or it is too early in the AM for the brain to function ..,
In any event there was no getting it to work this morning (recommendation for the old fashioned dial controllers!) and even with the dew shield, the corrector started fogging up within 4 imaging runs.

Not only that but the exposure required also change from 6ms yesterday to 10ms today.

This image was taken with FlipX and FlipY so that North is up and debayered (firecapture 2.4.12)
10 ms exposure over 60 seconds gaining 5489 frames. We then used the best 50% of the frames.
The moon to the lower left is Io. Nice little eyebrow over the GRS.
Taken at 05:31 EST Jupiter is getting higher up as well, aiding better imaging.
Jupiter was 38 deg in Altitude, mag -1.86 and 33.8 arcseconds large According to stellarium v0.14)
Processed with autostakkert with no drizzle and no sharpening.
Then processed with registax6 into .png
The three processed images making up the above animation are below: