A few issues came up this morning while imaging Jupiter around 04:30-05:15 EST

Of the 15 runs made, only 6 turned out. The rest had to be thrown out due to: usb noise on the way to the computer… slow it down a bit and things were better; pier shake.. looks like the floor has heaved a little and is now touching the telescope pier… must fix that this weekend.
Filename times have been changed from EST to UTC. Soon we will look at WinJupOs to see how it works and how it can help.

The animated GIF above is the result of only 5 images, as one of the others was a different size (pixel size) and would not merge with the rest.
Meade 20cm LX200 at f10, ZWO ASI120mc camera, 5ms exposures for 60 seconds. Processed with autostakkert and registax.
Seeing and transparency were poor-average, a large rain/cloud front had just moved through and cleared a few hours before. Humidity was high, around 71% but temps were not cold, at 0-1C