This is my dedicated Solar Observer, Kim.
I am continually impressed by her dedication to getting out at every possible day to observe the sun and its sunspots.

This was Monday, after work, on the shores on Lake Ontario, just catching the sun before it drops below the western horizon.

The home built wood tripod is showing its age, now over 15 years old. But it is lightweight, easy to carry and sets up in 5 seconds.
The telescope cane come out of its case, sat on the tripod, attached and have the sun in view within 30 seconds.
Yesterday was a good test of this with the temperature at -15C and a good wind out of the north at 20-30kph.
The entire observing run from setup to teardown was complete in about 3 minutes.
The telescope is a small Bausch & Lomb 4000 Schmidt-Cassegrain massing maybe 3 or 4 kg.
We mentioned this back a few years when we had to do some repairs.