Mike Earl

Mike Earl

The Kingston Astronomy Club (aka The RASC Kingston Centre) met last night at Queen’s University. Our guest speaker was Mike Earl, a graduate student at the Royal Military College. Mike spoke on amateur radio as related to satellites and much of his talk touched on satellite passes and observing satellites, albeit by radio.

Mike is seen here with his speaker gift, a meteorite from the Whitecourt Alberta impact.

You can learn more at Mike’s website: www.castor2.ca

Rose-Marie entertained us with images of walking dead astronomers in the near future, Rick on building telescope controls with a soldering iron and one hand tied behind his back, and Kevin on a variety of subjects from computers outside in the cold to the new Supersid installation to what to do with a rolloff observatory when the telescope is not cooperating.

Door prizes consisted of three James Bond DVD’s and two David Weber books.

The March meeting will feature member Richard Weigand on his Isabel Williams Lunar Observing Program… Completion!