I modified the LX200 back to planetary imaging (after the Mercury Transit event) by removing the f3.3 focal reducer and putting the microfocuser back on, along with the televue x3 barlow instead of the normal x2 barlow that I have been using. Since the coarse focus was off so much I thought what the heck.

Will have to use it a lot to get a feel of how it is performing or is it just the seeing and transparency.

seeing was poor, transparency was poor to average. Had to ramp up the exposures from a normal 30-35 ms to 60ms, because of the barlow change. These final images are the same size as with the x2 barlow, 400×400 pixels.

No GRS, very little detail in the equatorial bands, a possible moon shadow exiting off the upper right. Only 8 runs turned out last night from approx 21:00-21:30 EDT

90 second runs, used the best 75% of the images stacked, 21 alignment points in autostakkert and registaxed for rgb balance and wavelet processing.