After drying out the imaging laptop for a week, it was fired up for a quick imaging run of Saturn on Friday evening, after returning from a field trip to see the Jupiter Venus conjunction.

Seeing was bad, Saturn remains low in the south, and now I am starting to see what may be the development of hot pixels on the ZWO ASI 120MC camera.

No Cassini division can be seen after processing through pipp (crop to 400×400 pixels), autostakkert! to stack and then I used the best 10% and best 50% to run through registax.. both came out poor. This image is from the best 50%

The hot pixels appear moreso on other images, but are showing as brighter green pixels in the lower right rings.

Firecapture software has the ability to map hot pixels and hopefully remember them and adjust the image. I have done that and will see what effect it has next time the skies are not raining down.