There were twitter reports this morning of a possible fireball last night around 22:30 EDT.
As always, media and other 3rd hand reports come with very little detail and timings are usually way off.
So we scanned through the 400 images last night from Allsky1 and the only anomaly found was at 22:37:27 and the immediate 80 seconds before that, as it is an 80 second exposure and the timestamp is at the end of the exposure.
The bright flash is at the bottom of the image, right over the letter “h”in the word “south”.
The Allsky2 Camera System did not detect the event, probably because of the tall trees to its south.

We can’t say that we have ever seen any terrestrial lightsource at that point, being so low to the horizon, it could be headlights on a chimney reflection for instance.

Will continue to gather reports and check the American Meteor Society website as well for more details. Looks like 390 reports to date: