20161112_210446-800Greetings partially clear skies!

For the first time in awhile the skies were clear enough to set up on the observing deck!
The Kingston Astronomy Outreach Network (KAON) open house at the Queen’s University Ellis Hall Observatory opened up at 7:30pm EST with a talk from Dr. Larry Widrow (Queen’s University) on “Mapping the Milky Way with Gaia”

After 40 minutes or so the talk let out and the audience came up to the Observing Deck.
Kevin and Susan kept about 60 visitors happy with two small scopes and a mostly visible moon. It was not too cold but very windy. The binocular support on the deck has been completed and the Observatory binoculars were manned by Nick, a new grad student. We missed the talk downstairs by Dr. Larry Widrow but appreciated having the time to renew bulletin board material and set up our scopes before everyone came up to the deck.
For those that were looking through this telescope on the deck, it is: Celestron Nexstar 6SE with a primary mirror diameter of 150mm (6″), a focal ration of F10 and a focal length of 1500mm. We were using a 2 stop neutral density filter that blocked 75% of the light from the moon through, as the moon was particularly bright in a 6″ telescope. We were also using a 40mm eyepiece, which gives a magnification of 1500/40= 38x

The Observatory Celestron 14″ Edge telescope was also open for viewing the moon with a 2″ eyepiece.