After a few years of imaging now, I have gone through a few variations of recording image data. I’ve made up a new template to try out now as well… something to help remind me what needs to be recorded.
For instance, this morning:
Weather: -2C with winds 2-5 kph from SW
Moon was 24 days old and < 15 degrees from Jupiter Observatory: roof was stuck, needed some hitting with heavy object Telescope: using dew shield, no heater, x2 barlow Seeing: poor to average, Transparency average Computer - could not connect to scope, restarted, now connected and autoguiding with firecapture. Also started to use a new nomenclature on the files, to help remember the most important bits, like exposure in milliseconds, percent of frames used, altitude of Jupiter in degrees and Diameter of Jupiter in arcseconds. The Moon Io is just off to the upper right. No GRS seen.