Finally! A clear morning for the first time in 2 weeks. a bracing -16C with no wind.

Only managed 5 runs this morning as it was cold cold cold and some finger sensitivity would not let me stay out any longer.

This was the best of the 5, with the first two being slightly overexposed… I didn’t notice that as my eyes were watering like crazy. The run only spanned 7 minutes so it is not worth an animated summary of the session.

Seeing was average, transparency was average. The was no GRS nor any moons close enough to get into the image. This image used the best 50% of the ~2600 frames, and Jupiter was just past max altitude at 37 deg az 189 with an apparent diameter of 39 arcseconds. I am putting a lot of this info into the filename to make it easier to make side by side comparison in the future.

Saturn is just coming up over kingston but was below the wall in the east for the scope at this time… another few weeks should be better.