brr.. even a little colder this morn… -17C but no wind at all. The roof opened up fine and it looked pretty clear. The forecast was supposed to be 60% low cloud but it had not yet come in. Only 6 runs this morning before the clouds did in fact come in from the south.

Transparency was better than yesterday .. the stars were much brighter… call it average, but seeing was slightly worse.. call it average.

No moons in the FOV, no GRS. In the animation I have included this time the 6 images with both the best 10% and the best 50% of the frames.

The 10% ones are much more pixelated and lower resolution, especially in the first two images. Typically I do two 30sec runs to start, one with autoalign turned off, to get a gauge of seeing, then on to compare. Then I move to 120second runs, about the most for an f20 system that will not show Jupiter rotation… I have yet to figure our winjupobs to derotate and stack images…