It is amazing how just a few minutes can make all the difference in the world. I was awake, looked outside to clear skies and within 10 minutes went out, opened the roof, powered up the scope, rebooted the computer, acquired Jupiter in the scope, and the first edge of completely cloudy skies had just gone over the moon and had touched Jupiter.

I got in two 30 second imaging runs before Jupiter disappeared. The 2nd image had double the exposure of the first image and then went dark.

Very poor imaging through cloud. This is the best of the run, the 1st image, using 75% of the images.

The animated file is composed of 3 images of each of the two runs, using the best 10%, 50% and 75% of the available images.

The Great Red Spot is on the far side of the planet and no moons were nearby. The good news is that Jupiter is in retrograde for a bit and has grown from 39″ to 41″ since my last imaging 2 weeks ago

-16C with little wind at 02:57 local