2017 June 01, 02 and 03 were the first string of three days in a row of Jupiter imaging that I can remember.. Granted two of those days were just 1 or 2 runs but Saturday was pretty darn good.

The scope was aligned on Friday and Saturday, in spite of conflicting forecasts, turned out to be mostly clear through to jupiter-set-in-trees.

I started imaging in the twilight with bright skies, so the colour balance was wayyy off as were many artefacts, but on the other hand, the best imaging of Jupiter surface exposed while at the same time getting in the moons, Io on the left and Ganymde on the right (in the earliest frames. The attached frame here shows the moon Io on the right with Ganymedes shadow on top and Ios shadow below it.

Seeing was average, transparency was average… got away with 40ms exposures, a little better than normal. There was a lot of intermittent cloud coming and going. Just as Jupiter hit the trees, the cloud came in pretty much overcast.

The Great Red Spot is just coming around the corner in the lower left. The detail on the surface otherwise is not the greatest.

First double shadow transit! Yay!