This is the “before” image of the 2″ wooden adapter between the telescope primary cell and the 2″ focuser.
It is needed as the original setup included the filter wheel, which is no longer operational… so it was removed, leaving a 2″ space.

It is made from high quality plywood and has been coated in a few layers of varathane, to help stop it from absorbing air moisture. We imagined that it does change in thickness depending on the humidity, so asked amongst our membership for a metal worker… and we found one. Thank you Keith!

Keith machined this, and a second smaller one, focus mount adapter. At this time we are only using the larger section, approximately the same size as the plywood version, for focus range testing with the ZWO ASI120MC camera and the SBIG ST402 (circa 2006) camera.

This is the final mounting configuration. The focuser will be used all the way in, for standardization.
We will run some focusing tests with each camera and record that information on the observatory wall 🙂