Allsky2 capture

Reviewing allsky camera events overnight with coffee this morning and found this great big fireball in the north, heading north at 05:10:15 UT 2017nov11

-5 hours puts it at Saturday 2017Nov11 at 00:10:15 EST

Both camera caught it.. allsky1 and allsky2

And from the looks of it, allsky1 dome heaters are not nearly enough as once the moon came up and it got cold, frost everywhere on the dome!..

will ramp it up from 5vdc to 12vdc and see what happens next.

It was 0.5 watts at 5vdc and 50ohms.

V=IR so I=V/12=5/50=0.1amps at 5vdc

at 12vdc we get

I=V/R=12/50=0.24amps and watts comes out as W=IV=0.24*12=2.9watts

Allsky1 capture