This is my new (used) mount, a Meade LXD55. It comes with a battery holder for x8 D size batteries, but I suspect it would go through that pretty quick. So instead I just ordered a
Talentcell Rechargeable 6000mAh Li-Ion Battery Pack, 12V DC Portable Lithium Ion
to power the thing.

So far the intent is to mount a small refractor on it:
a Meade DS90 refractor (2008 $190 from Costco) D=90mm FL=800mm F8.8
Its mount failed some years ago and has been moved around from mount to mount depending on the event.

If the pointing works out and the battery works out, it will become out portable scope, to take out for star parties, or for chasing down occultations.

Some of the features as mentioned in a review from CloudyNights

The real bonus is that the mount is controlled by two robust motors which are controlled by the Meade AutoStar 497 hand computer / controller. The mount includes an internal polar finder scope and all the usual dials and adjustments. Once the polar scope and OTA are aligned to the mount, you do a casual polar alignment and then let the AutoStar do it’s “One Star Align” procedure, you are off to viewing any of the thousands of cataloged object in the AutoStar’s database. Based upon your location, time and date, it will even offer “Guided Tours” of the best objects to view when you are set up.

The AutoStar includes a “High Precision” mode which is very helpful in finding those “faint fuzzies” that are not visible with the naked eye. There is also a “Synch” feature that allows you to fine tune its accuracy for any given part of the sky. Another handy feature is the “Spiral Search” mode that initiated a slow methodical spiral search of the area you are directed to so that you can check out surrounding objects or home in on that elusive DSO.