This is our Celestron C80 refractor. It too had dirty optics, in particular, the spacers between the primary lens doublet had moved away from the edge and into the central area.
So it too had to come apart.
D=80mm FL=1000mm F=12.5

This disassembles fairly easily, with the focuser coming off with three robertson screws, the dew cap is friction fit, the primary lens is 3 robertson screws.

This is the 5/4″ all metal focuser, with very smooth movement, with a total travel length of 5.5″

The 5/4″ 90 deg adapter, full metal construction.

This is the doublet primary lens showing some adhesive smear on the right and a whole lot of dust.

The finder is a 2″ diameter with no indication of power… will have to test that.

The friction fit dew shield with black felt flocking on the inside

So the primary lens was marked up as it was disassembled, the two of three spacers were moved back to the edges and the glass cleaned with glass cleaner and lint free tissue wipes. It was then reassembled with care to matching the alignment marks. Total time less than 1 hour.

Now looking for a short dovetail bar to replace the long dovetail (currently used on another scope) so it can be used here.