720x480p 4MB video clip made with ffmpeg (converting still image .jpg to .mpg video, handbrake (conversion to mkv to allow movie maker to open it), movie maker for windows to add sound track, and then handbrake again to reduce from 1080p to 480p (and 37MB to 4MB).

Custom made 2×4 trusses 24″ OC with 1×4 purlins 24″ OC with a roof bottom plate of 2×4 and a wall top plate of 2×4. Overall dimensions smaller than 8’x10′. Rise of 8″ in a run of 12″ – much higher end result than intended… it looks much smaller on the ground! Next time would go with a 6″ rise over 12′ run. Although, bet there will be no snow on it next winter! Canon DSLR EOS 30D taking an image every 30 seconds.