Another year and another location for the Napanee Community Food Bank Garden. Yes.. they moved down the field from the previous few years location.
The new main bed is approx 45’x55′ or 2500 ft^2 (rounded).
They also have 15 new raised beds, 10 of which are operational this year. Each is approx 4’x8′ or 32 ft^2.
Ten of those gives 320 ft^2 with a grand total of 2500+320 or approx 2800 ft^2 of gardening space this year.

Planting was almost completed on Monday 2018 May 28th:
150 tomatoes, and about 100 green peppers – as well as about 100 cabbages.

Once Google Earth updates its imagery of this area, we can compare the known size currently and back calculate what size the past bed locations were. That will be rolled into the annual stats report that gets generated.