Squirrels… the bane of bird feeders everywhere.
We have two bird feeders on top of a 4×4 post, maybe 6.5′ above ground. Before the last seed dropped into the dish, the squirrel had easily ran up the post and into the seed.
So we have tried various things, the latest being a section of 6″ chimney pipe, about a 3′ long section, mounted/wrapped around the 4×4 post. It had worked for some years but recently we noted the big black squirrel in the birdseed. We actually have not seen him get in but suspect he climbs up the post to the pipe then leaps up past it.
So yesterday, we replaced that 3′ section with a 5′ section. Take that, mangy squirrel!
In order to see if it is actually successful, I think I will have to put a motion detection camera looking at it.