I first joined the distributed computer project SETI@Home back on 1999 April 12th. That means early next year will be 20 years. Wow. Very few things survey for 20 years on the Internet.
Kim as well joined up in 1999, on August 13th.
We will have to celebrate in some fashion, involving the movies “Paul” and “Alien” and “Contact”.

It is the first day of summer, and as much as we have liked to install a small scale Stonehenge in the backyard, there are just a few too many trees in the way to get any chance of the sunlight making its way over the horizon onto our stones to work.

We have completed the weeding and grass pulling of all but three flower beds here at SCGO, and hope to have them done this weekend. It is always a race between weeding and running out of energy and motivation and letting the grass and weeds take over the flower beds.

There are a few summer projects left as well… renovating the leanto, adding some insulation to the greenhouse for those first few weeks early next spring, and building a new imaging observatory away from all of the tall trees that seem to have overtaken most of the sky at the existing site. Speaking of which, the new roof has survived some pretty strong storms already since it was completed back in May. Some Good News!