The Great SCGO Garlic Harvest of 2018 has completed.
Five days/sessions of harvest over a week:
Sun 2018 July 22 – 3 hours
Mon 2018 July 23 – 1.5 hours
Wed 2018 July 25 – 1 hour
Thu 2018 July 26 – 1 hour
Sun 2018 July 29 – 3 hours
Just under 10 hours to harvest around 800 plants.

This includes washing, cleaning, labelling and hanging on five drying racks as seen above. They are inside a leanto structure that is screened but otherwise open to the airflow on the eastern and western ends.

It also includes harvesting the plants from the bulbil project, approx 24ft^2 of another 50+ bulbils being grown into fullsize garlic over the course of a few years.

Less than 5%, probably closer to 1-2% of the garlic did not make it. Will no more once we transcribe the records from outside. leak moth damage to bulbs looks pretty good so far as well, but again we will know more later. After drying/curing for 2-4 weeks, the will come come down out of the racks, stalks will be cut off, roots trimmer and then the batch will be measured and weighed. Then seed is selected and put into a paper bag and then the remainder of the garlic type and the seed bag go into another labelled bag and stored in the coldroom.
Planting will be in late October/early November this year and we are starting to look around to see where we have 400-500ft^2 elsewhere for crop rotation.