Fall is usually the ideal time to go out back and observe and image the sky. Cooler temperatures, and most importantly, no bugs (mosquitos, black flies, deer flies, horse flies and more). Good intentions abound and then reality hits.
Our newest imaging platform “Serenity” has been sitting idle for almost a month. Some issues in commissioning a new observatory is normal and we are almost there… just need a few more days and nights of work to finish it off!
In this case, the OSB roof has a leak. I suspect it will be replaced with real plywood in the spring, but in the meantime we are looking at a winter temporary fix.
The new dew shield is working wonders. A dew heating strap has been repaired and installed but not yet used as the power supply needs to be configured and tested.
The only good news is that the amount of dark sky at night is increasing and there is now time to get out in the evening under reasonably dark skies.