Greetings… this is an interesting one.

A sky anomaly went overhead last night (Thursday 2019 March 7th) at 23:38:30 UTC, 18:38:30 EST

overhead towards the north.

A link to the13 second long video is at:

The dimmer object travelling west to east is an aircraft, 777 from toronto to cairo at 31000 feet doing 515 knots.

Not the ISS, no heavens-above satellites in that time frame, no other aircraft on, no reports on the AMS site.

In addition, not a standard meteor that starts dim, brightens up then fades.
Upon closer inspection, the starting point looks like it might be two objects.

Any other observers? any thoughts as to what else it might be?

Updated: The consensus has turned this event into an aircraft from the local Kingston airport. The two seperated point sources while overhead and then merging into one as the distance increased was a good argument. No strobe light, but apparently those are not always on or may have been blocked by line of sight.