Renowned Comet Hunter David H. Levy will be at Stirling Hall Theatre A on Queen’s University campus at 3:00pm on Sunday 2019 September 08, to speak to members of the RASC Belleville Centre and Kingston Centre. This is open to the public and there is no charge for attending.
Dr. David H Levy, Wendee’s Husband
A short bio for a tall man.
David H Levy is arguably one of the most enthusiastic and famous amateur astronomers of our time. Although he has never taken a class in astronomy, he has written over three dozen books, has written for three astronomy magazines and has appeared on television programs featured on the Discovery and the Science Channels. Among David’s accomplishments are 23 comet discoveries, the most famous being Shoemaker-Levy 9 that collided with Jupiter in 1994, a few hundred shared asteroid discoveries, an Emmy for the documentary Three Minutes to Impact, five honorary doctorates in Science and a PhD which combines astronomy and English Literature. Currently, he is the editor of the web magazine Sky’s Up!, has a monthly column, Skyward, in our local Vail Voice paper. David continues to hunt for comets and asteroids, and lectures worldwide.
Stirling Hall is located at 64 Bader Lane, just off University Avenue. Street parking is available at no charge on Sundays as are the Queen’s University surface parking lots.
David has recently published his autobiography. Copies will be available for purchase at the event amd the author will be available for signing afterward.