60cm Venor dobsonian telescope

We were wondering through youtube this morning and came across some nice videos of an Australian astronomer Dylan O’Donnell.

This one was particularly nice:

We use some of the software he mentions are are almost in complete agreement with his 20 tips.
In summary the 20 tips are:

1) Get a Big F(*&^@#$ Telescope

2) Use barlows/Powermates

3) Wait for Opposition

4) Get High

5) Seeing

6) Firecapture and Autoalign

7) Get Lucky

8) Region of Interest

9) Use a monochrome camera

10) Autorun RGB sequences

11) Good initial levels

12) collimation

13) Focus on a star

14) Drizzle with autostakkert!2

15) Lucky Lucky Imaging

16) Luminance

17) Auto colour balance

18) topaz denoise

19) sharpening

20) advanced: derotation